We support adult victims and survivors of rape and sexual violence, domestic abuse, and other forms of emotional trauma through person-centred counselling, trauma therapy and peer support groups. This includes counselling and therapy for adults who have experienced traumatic incidents such as sudden bereavement, road traffic accidents or assault.

We have over 30 years’ experience of supporting adult survivors of rape and sexual abuse. Our counsellors provide support through person-centred therapy in places where people feel safe and comfortable. This may be in a private facility in the community or at our centre in Truro. Our service is proven to help, with 92% of adults who use our services reporting an increase in emotional health and wellbeing.

You can access this support by calling us on our referral line - 0771 567 2238 – or through referrals from other agencies and organisations. (For referral form see ‘How to Refer’ below)

We provide a face to face initial assessment to ensure we fully understand each individual situation and match it to the service that best meets your needs. This may be:

  • Counselling support: up to 20 weeks with a best match counsellor according to geography, age, gender and circumstance. Counselling takes place in a safe venue, most convenient for you.
  • Trauma therapy: delivered by a registered and accredited EMDR therapist. EMDR is an interactive psychotherapy, proven to be highly effective in treating trauma and post-traumatic stress and an effective alternative for people not able to engage readily with talking therapies.
  • Psychoeducation for the you and/or your support network – this is an evidence-based therapeutic intervention to help you better understand your situation and improve your mental health/emotional resilience
  • Group/peer support work: where people have already accessed counselling or therapy and need some additional support and connection
    Signposting and referrals to other appropriate services
  • Trauma Therapy is also available for adults who have experienced other life-changing incidents. Therapy ranges from EMDR to trauma-focused CBT and is tailored to individual circumstances.


CLEAR receives some funding from the Ministry of Justice and the police to support our work with adult victims of rape and sexual abuse. There is a big demand for this service so there is often a waiting list and we may not be able to see you for several months. We will explain the current wait-time to you when your referral is received. We are working hard to bring in additional funds to bring out waiting time down.

If you are not working and are currently a participant on the Who Dares Works or Positive People projects, or if you join one of these projects, you may be able to to be referred to CLEAR by your mentor or change coach. They have referral forms for this.

Counselling and therapy can also be purchased direct, pleaes contact us for details.

Please note that we are not directly funded by the NHS. Therfore referrals from GPs etc need to fit into one of the above categories.  

What people have told us about CLEAR:

   "Extremely helpful and a positive experience, I can't praise enough how much it has helped."

   "The therapy has helped me process the past and give me useful tools to help in the future."

   "It worked really well for the trauma I have faced recently and in the past."


We highly value your feedback on our service. It helps us understand what we do well, where we can make changes to improve what we do and where we can grow in terms of developing our services. You can provide us with feedback here


We currently provide a trauma focused service in West Cornwall for adults who are out of work through Who Dares Works, a Building Better Opportunities project led by Active Plus and funded by the European Social Fund and National Lottery Community Fund. And we also provide similar support for adults on the complemenatary Positive People projects in Coast to Coast and South East areas of Cornwall which are led by Pluss. These services help people to process and understand past trauma and to manage it in a way that helps them to move forward in their lives. Referrals in these circumstances are through the individual projects. 


Download the  pdf CLEAR for Adults (894 KB)  leaflet here


Beginning Together

Fully funded by the Tampon Tax Community Fund, through the Cornwall Community Foundation - this project provides support for women between 18 and 28 weeks pregnant at the start of the project and who have experienced an abusive relationship in the past. The support is focused both on mothers to be, and subsequently on mother and child together. More information is available here pdf CLEAR Beginning Together (1.62 MB)

Sept 2020 Update: Because of the restrictions associated with the Covid-19 pandemic the start of this project has been delayed until early 2021. 


We are building a bank of useful resources and links to other organisations and services that provide wider support for people and families.

CLEAR is one of 17 Cornwall based social enterprises delivering Who Dares Works in West Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, part of the National Lottery Community Fund ‘Building Better Opportunities’ programme in England.

Everyone comes into our Adult Service through either our referral line or a referral by an organisation or agency.

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