Referring to CLEAR

Referring to CLEAR

As a registered charity we are dependant on fundraising and charitable contributions to cover the costs of our services. Due to the generosity of grants awarded by Children in Need, Comic Relief and other organisations listed on our funding page, we are sometimes able to directly fund therapy, for a limited number of clients. These funds are restricted to particular age groups, who refer directly to CLEAR and meet specific criteria.

We are also funded for referrals via a number of statutory agencies, in particular situations where the non-abusing carer is participating in one of the services linked to the Independent Domestic Violence Advocacy Service.

Many clients have also been able to acquire funding for therapy via schools or social services.

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CLEAR Referral Form
If you wish to discuss a referral for CLEAR please contact our referral coordinator:
Fran Rose
07715 672 238


CLEAR Referral Policy
For external agencies that do not form part of the Domestic or Sexual Violence Pathways or other funding.

The following guidelines are in place to ensure that the service is accessed in an appropriate manner.

1. CLEAR is a service for those CYP who have links to, or who have experienced abusive relationships. These may be defined as sexual, physical, emotional or psychological. We also provide therapy for siblings and the non-abusing carer / parent alongside the child or young person. We do not provide a behavioural management service for children and young people i.e. anger management that is not linked to a previous history of abuse.

2. CLEAR is a Specialised therapeutic psychological service providing Art, Play, Drama and Movement, Music therapies, EMDR, DDP, Narrative, & counselling, Psychotherapy on a 1to1 or/& joint sessions with siblings &/or carers. All its therapists have undertaken specialist training and qualifications to work with Children and Young People.

3. CLEAR can accept referrals for male and female children and young people aged between 0 – 18 years and up to 25yrs with additional needs. We stridently believe in equality of access, service, and outcome for all, regardless of race (including nationality, gender reassignment, religions or beliefs, sex, sexual orientation, disability and age).

4. It is essential that the person making the service request remains involved throughout CLEAR’s therapeutic intervention.

5. Services with the SAFER Cornwall DASV contract are directly funded. All other referrals including GP, CAMHS, Education, Health, Social Work and Self Referrals can access the service in accordance with our Price Structure.

6. Service requests will only be accepted on CLEAR service request forms. Once they have been completed fully and signed by all concerned. they then can be assessed for a suitable therapeutic pathway.

7. All service requests should be sent to the Service lead either by email to or by post to PO Box 706 TR4 9NF for assessment, and allocation.

8. Stage 1: A letter will be sent to each client informing them that they will be contacted by telephone within a 2 week period to book an assessment with service lead. This will enable us to allocate appropriate therapy to the child.

9. Stage 2: Once assessment has been undertaken and client is identified through this process to require a service from CLEAR a second letter will be sent to client informing them that a therapist will be in touch to book sessions, times and a venue.

10. The therapist will also undertake a risk assessment to ensure that the work is safe and complies with the BACP and CLEAR Safeguarding policies.

11. Individual therapists should not be contacted directly as part of the service request process, even if there is a request for an extension to therapy. A case will not be referred to a specific therapist if there is a potential conflict of interest.

12. Session cancellations must be made with 24 hours notice and a reduced fee will be charged.

13. DNA charges will be applied unless discussed otherwise.

14. CLEAR offers between 8 and 12 sessions of individual therapy and this is directed by the need of the client and therapist and funding.

15. Child protection procedures will be followed in accordance with CLEAR policies.

16. Clients must be made fully aware of what CLEAR provides and have agreed to therapy.

17. Parent / Carers must be fully aware that any reports produced by CLEAR are not to be used in any legal proceedings or custody hearings.

18. All sessions remain confidential between client and therapist unless a safeguarding issue is identified or the child or young person is at risk. In such a situation, the therapist will follow the charity’s child protection procedure.

19. Where a review meeting is considered to be necessary, the referrer must attend or if not, another representative must be in attendance from the agency.

20. Payment will be required within 14 days of receipt of invoice.

21. Any complaints should be made direct to the service lead who will respond within 48 hours of receipt of the complaint.

22. If a therapist is required to attend Professional meetings ie TAC, CAF, CORE, Safeguarding, the cost will be charged to the agency.

23. Clients will be required to have attended one to one therapy within CLEAR before accessing group work.

24. CLEAR will not work with clients who are currently receiving intervention from other agencies unless we made aware of this through the service request and consultation.

25. CLEAR offers a confidential service to its clients in accordance with the BACP’s Ethical framework for good practice of which CLEAR is a member. Therapists work to their own UKCP or HPC l framework. CLEAR Therapist’s maintain appropriate & safe record keeping of case notes.
CLEAR Pricing structure
CLEAR - therapeutic price structure

Agency referrals:

8 to 12 sessions individual therapy: £50 per session.
Professionals attending review or evaluation meeting i.e. TAC: £45.00 per hour.
Cancellations with less than 24h notice: £17.50 per session and DNA (did not attend): £35 per session.
Written reports can be provided at a cost of: £100.00.
Travel is charged at 0.40p per mile.

Self -referrals
All referrals will be assessed on an individual need and if appropriate may be funded. We are only able to fund a small number of clients ourselves per year. We do ask that a small donation is be made to the service, as we are reliant upon grants to maintain our service.
*No confidential information can be shared with a third party unless the client gives their consent first. However, where there is a safeguarding concern, the agencies' procedures will be followed in line with the SouthWest Safeguarding Policies and Procedures.