CLEAR & Secure

The story of ‘CLEAR and Secure’ so far.

CLEAR and Secure is a new service that has been developed by CLEAR, to offer support to young people at risk of or affected by sexual exploitation. There are limited services available in Cornwall for young people with these experiences and CLEAR recognised the need to include this type of intervention in its portfolio, working alongside other partner agencies. We have now been awarded funding to support the new CSE team.

The service is aiming intervention at young people who are at risk of or being exploited sexually. We will support any young person up to the age of 18 and offer advice and signposting to young adults over the age of 18, as at the moment we cannot work with over 18s doing this work. We have a team of specialist CSE support workers, some of whom are Independent Domestic and Sexual Violence Advocate trained. The team is managed and supported by a clinical psychologist who can offer workers more ideas about what the psychological impact of the risks might be for a young person given their age and stage of development.

We are working at three levels depending on the needs and wishes of the young person and their family. These include:
• Consultation with the network around the young person, including strategy meetings and psychological advice
• Indirect work with other workers who have a good relationship with the young person
• Direct work with the young person.

A large part of the service will be working with other organisations to raise awareness of the risks around CSE. We are doing awareness raising in schools and in other settings to ensure that this problem does not remain hidden.

Ensuring the voices of young people with these experiences are always considered as part of on-going service development, we are inviting all young people who use our service the opportunity to contribute to its development.

Parents are also significantly affected when their son or daughter experiences exploitation and we are currently considering ways to develop our interventions for parent support.

There is a lot to do and it is exciting to be doing it. We are keen to work with lots of different people and make an impact by reducing the concerns that exist around CSE in Cornwall.

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CLEAR received initial funding from the Ministry of Justice, for a scoping project to determine the support needed of children and young people subjected to child sexual exploitation and to initiate a program to provide this. Having consulted with other agencies in Cornwall supporting victims of Abuse, Sexual and Domestic Violence, Health and the Police, we have now launched the CLEAR & Secure CSE Support service.
CLEAR & Secure is currently funded by:

  • Lloyds bank Foundation
  • The Henry Smith Charity
  • Esmee Fairbairn Foundation