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CLEAR Therapy

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Children Linked to and Experiencing Abusive Relationships

CLEAR recognises the importance for every child and young person to have the opportunity to be heard”- Simon Carpenter - CEO CLEAR

The Clear and CRASAC Boards of Trustees are proud and delighted to announce their merger effective from 1st March 2018. Two organisations dedicated to the highest standards of care and support for people impacted by abuse coming together to take us further along our journey to create a Centre of Excellence in our field.

The merger will see the creation of an all-age, all-gender service across Cornwall to raise awareness of and tackle the impacts of domestic abuse and sexual violence. There will be no wrong door for people seeking our help.

CLEAR Conference: Tuesday 11th June 2019. More details to come!

CLEAR AGM: 15th October at 6.00pm, at the CLEAR offices

CLEAR and CRASAC Services July 2018

From July 2018, the way that people are supported through the Safer Cornwall domestic abuse and sexual violence (DASV) pathways is changing. The service was retendered as part of much larger single contract for delivery of DASV services for all ages through the Safer Cornwall Partnership. The new service is led by First Light, CLEAR and CRASAC are not part of this referral pathway.

We continue to provide a full range of therapy for children and young people linked to or experiencing abuse. Our therapy services can be spot-purchased by organisations or individuals and we have opportunities to part or fully-fund some children and young people according to need, through a range of grant funding.

Support for children, young people and families is our upmost priority and we will do everything we can to make the transition to the new provider of services. All new referrals through the DASV Pathway will be directed to First Light. Any children currently supported by CLEAR who are funded through the Safer Cornwall contract will continue to be supported until they have completed their therapy.

Our Clear4Schools Programme will continue to be available to schools across Cornwall, including our new Peer Support program, funded by the Big Lottery.

Our continuing adult and family services include psycho-education support for parents and carers; therapy and counselling for victims and survivors of abuse, including child sexual exploitation; and therapeutic support to help people who are unable to return to work due to trauma-related stress and anxiety.

We continue to build on the strengths of CLEAR and CRASAC, including our Learning and Professional Development Programmes and look forward to launching our new Centre of Excellence in 2019.

Help us reach our target to support Children and young peoples therapy!

We need additional funds and resources to ensure we can meet the needs of all vulnerable CYP in our Cornish community, will you stand with us and give what you can to help children heal and reduce the cycle of abuse?

No donation is too small whatever you can give, toys, art materials, musical instruments for our therapists, chocolates and wine for raffles, vouchers to use with CYP to make happy memories, cash donations, sponsorship, or making us your nominated charity that would be great. It will make a world of difference to a child or young person whose life is shadowed by abuse...

We hope that as a part of our community you can understand the importance of the work we do and will stand with us to continue to provide a much-needed service to our community.

If you have an idea or can be involved in any way we'd love to hear from you.

Recent Fundraising
Cabaret day in aid of international womens day from Fi Read: £1,000     Chortlanes end shop: £24.92     Mount Ambrose Store: £19.84     Sarah Boreham: £24.92     Archie Browns Penzance: £7.99     Mccolls StAustell: £12.32     International Women's Day charity cabaret: £1000     Christmas choir concert: £500     Raffle and Christmas sale by Sarah Waters and Rebecca Johnson: £300     Christmas Choir from Alice Kent and friends and family: £450     The Carlyon Masonic lodge: £2,000     Sponsored Swim/Barn Dance/Garden Party: £8,180     Bristol Half Marathon: £300     CLEAR Raffle: £130     Pub Quiz: £155.48     Sponsored No Sleep: £82