CLEAR Healthy Relationships

Student feedback

These are some examples of student work during the Healthy Relationships Program

The Graffiti Wall

Is used by students use to express their thoughts and feelings during the Healthy Relationships Program

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Students decorate paper plates to express what they have learned in the sessions

School feedback

I have the rare perspective of having taught at this school for 27 years. This affords me a tremendous insight into the community and families of Camborne. As a Head of Year and senior leader responsible for years 9, 10 and 11, I read the 121a police reports on a daily basis, and became sadly aware of the cycle of abuse that runs through generations, as I recognised the names of adult perpetrators in family domestic situations who were former students from troubled families. Furthermore, I became more and more aware of how abusive the relationships between some of our young people are. All of these observations strongly enforce for me that as a school we have a responsibility to attempt to break this cycle, since we are in the unique position of having these young people pass through our hands for at least 5 years.
The instability of families and the abusive nature of relationships between young people present as massive barriers to learning for young people, and certainly strongly affect their whole outlook on life, their self-confidence and self-belief, thus greatly reducing their aspirations for the future.
However, as a school we simply have not had the expertise to tackle these issues in any significant way. Introducing the CLEAR programme has finally enabled us to address this. I consider the CLEAR programme to be the single most important provision for our young people's safety and well-being. The programme is brilliantly received by our young people. They certainly learn a tremendous amount that really has the potential to be life-changing, as the programme strongly challenges perspectives that young people hold that had previously been passed down through generations unquestioned. The practitioners work fantastically with the young people, rapidly establishing strong, trusting relationships which enable them to explore their attitudes. I cannot thank CLEAR enough for providing this programme and sincerely hope that it will run for decades to come.Nigel Bispham, Assistant Headteacher - Camborne Science and International Academy