CLEAR 4 Schools Workshops

Dealing with conflict in relationships - All Year Groups

Develop different strategies for dealing with conflict to prevent escalation - reflecting on behaviours and the impact they may have on others

Pornography - Years 10 and 11

This explores what are the messages we receive from pornography -the roles and expectations versus the 5laity - helping students to view pornography through a critical lens.

Gender, Equality and Respect - Years 8,9,and 10

Introduces young people of all ages to the concept of gender and equality, helping them to understand the effects of inequality and coming up with workable solutions that can be used outside of the workshop to address gender issues in the classroom and wider community. Helping the young people to produce gender equality statements for their school

Peer on Peer Abuse - Years 8,9,10

Recognising abusive behaviours in relationships, the impact - understanding different types of abuse, the behaviours associated with them and how this can impact someone and their relationship where to get help and support

Online Relationships - Years 7,8,and 9

Covers Sexting, Online Grooming, Safe boundaries online,

Positive Mental Well-Being and Resilience - Years 8,9, and 10

Look at positive coping mechanisms. Help and support that is available, Explores what is Mental Well Being

Respectful Sex - Consent and Capacity - Years 10 and 11

Respect for Your Body -Sexual Violence - What is Rape? What is consent" How do you know if you have it? The impact for abuse on consent and what impacts our capacity to give consent

Positive Body Image - Years 8,9,10


Respect Me Toolkit - available to Years 11 and 12

This is a 4 week programme that covers issues such as; types of abuse, controlling and coercive behaviours, myths and stereotypes, impacts of being in an abusive relationship, rape and the law, consent and capacity, where to get support, gender equality and mental well-being

Primary Programme - Key Stage 1 - Years 1 and 2

The Respect Workshops ( 3 workshops )

Workshop 1:
What is acceptable behaviour in different contexts. We use a book to illustrate and provide an example and we get the class to respond about what they feel is acceptable and what is not from the example in the story. How we negotiate and resolve potential conflict between individuals. Who we would go to with problems? We also explore what a relationship is and who we have them with. How they should make us feel and what can we do if they are not making us feel so good.

Workshop 2:
We consider who we should trust and why. what makes us feel safe? We create a safe island in pairs on which we place those people that we should trust and feel safe with. Who might not be on our list? We also explore feelings and how we express them. We also explore making choices for yourself.

Workshop 3:
We work with the children to explore how to stay safe and who to trust online. We explore what activities they may be doing online and the concept that they may not know who is communicating with them online. How do they know when they are not feeling safe and what should they do? Who can they talk to when things are worrying them in their online activity. The ingredients for what makes a respectful relationship are explored.

As with our previous workshops there are no costs to the school and we will continue to seek funding to ensure that this remains the case. However, we are asking schools that receive our workshops to please consider us as one of your nominated charities over the academic year. Any funds raised would go directly to helping support children and young people across Cornwall who have been impacted by abuse.

Bespoke Workshops

We also offer bespoke workshops across Primary and secondary schools. If there is a particular issue or area of concern and you would like to discuss this then we are happy to put together a workshops that meets the needs of your pupils.

If you would like more information on any of these workshops or wish to discuss making a booking then please email;
Registered Charity Number 1165574