CLEAR 4 Schools Team

  • Cath Hanrahan Bsc ( Hons )

    I am the Healthy Relationships Coordinator

    My name is Cath and I have been working in the field of domestic abuse for over ten years. I have a social works degree and have extensive experience of working with vulnerable and high risk groups/individuals, both adults and young people. I have previously written and delivered programmes around healthy Relationships to young people within Cornwall, and am committed to ensuring that all our young people receive the help and support they need to be able to have happy, healthy and fulfilling relationships.

  • Romeigh Nicks
    I am an HR Co-Facilitator

  • Tracey Nicholson
    Previously to joining CLEAR in January 2015 I worked with children's charities offering face to face counselling within schools. I initially trained and qualified in September 2014 with CPCAB as a Person Centred Counsellor for adults. I quickly realised my drive and passion was centred around supporting Children and Young People and qualified as a children's counsellor in September 2017. My roles within CLEAR 4 Schools and the CSE Team focus on developing and delivering Relationships and sex Education Workshops in secondary schools and colleges around Cornwall and also offering one to one CSE support for those children and young people who are being/vulnerable to being exploited in their relationships

    I have the honour of working with and supporting young people and helping them to develop their self-worth, resilience, and to create positive changes in their lives. The teenage years can be a very vulnerable and scary time, developing young people' s risk management abilities, emotional and mental positivity are vital building blocks to the development of a happy, safe, independent and positive young adult. One of the key things I love about our CLEAR services is that we are able to work across the spectrum from prevention to intervention.

  • Tracy
    My name is Tracy

    I am extremely passionate about the work I do with children and young people within CLEAR 4 Schools. I understand from both personal and professional experience the affects Domestic Abuse has on families, mental health, child development and self-worth. I wholeheartedly believe that through early intervention and preventative work we can help reduce the impacts of Domestic Abuse and educate the next generation on how to stay safe. As part of the CLEAR 4 Schools Team and the CSE team I have helped design and develop a range of workshops around issues that our young people face within our community. I have the privilege of delivering these workshops in several schools and colleges across Cornwall. It's a two-way learning street, in that we provide C&YP information on how to keep themselves safe in an open, non-judgmental environment, and they provide us with real feedback on the actual issues our C&YP are facing at home, socially and in education so we can continually update our workshops to ensure we stay relevant (in a society that is constantly changing and adapting to technology and access to information this is paramount).
    I have fifteen years' work experience working across a variety of mental health hospitals, community and respite sectors in several professional roles and have a BA Degree (Hons) Children's services 'Professional Practice. My expertise is in mental health and special educational needs, working with both vulnerable groups of adults and children. I use my knowledge, experience and expertise every day to ensure the most vulnerable C&YP can access, process and retain information around healthy relationships, including how and where to access support.

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