CLEAR 4 Schools Peer Education Programme

The Peer Education Programme was launched in May 2018 having been piloted at Mounts Bay Academy. It is a cross-phase programme that puts peer delivery at the heart of Relationship and Sex Education, and is the first of its kind nationally. Year 10 pupils undertake 6 days of training and then are supported to deliver 4 Core Respectful Relationship Workshops to Year 7 and 8. Year 12 students undertake the same training and then deliver to Years 9 and 10. Year 8 pupils undertake 5 days of training and then deliver workshops to Key Stage 2 (Years 4,5,6). CLEAR 4 Schools is passionate about ensuring that RSE responds to the reality of modern day relationships and we believe that Peer Education is the most effective way to do this.

CLEAR have been delivering workshops in schools for a number of years, and have worked with over 20,000 young people and the one thing that has not changed is the message that Young People are giving us about where they are accessing information and support, and who they talking to when they have a problem. Each Other. Peer Influence in Social learning has been well documented, however with the role that social media plays within social learning theory it could be argued that it is a stronger influence that ever before. The young people we spoke to were very clear in their feedback and in conversations with us that when it comes to Relationship and Sex Education, and all that means, that they are talking to and learning from each other - either directly - face to face or via social media.

The PEER EDUCTION TRAINING takes place over 30 hours and is split into three areas;
1. Core Skills
Communication skills, Assertiveness, Managing Group Dynamics, Organisation and planning, classroom management, presenting, co-facilitating, understanding different types of learners - this started with themselves

2. Core Knowledge
Training around Domestic Abuse, The signs, behaviours and attitudes, The myths and stereotypes that exist, The impact of abusive relationships, Controlling and coercive behaviours, Sexual Violence, capacity and consent, online safety, sexting. The legal context and the criminal justice system. Gender issues. - They met with survivors of abusive relationships who had an honest and open dialogue with them and allowed them to ask questions.

3. Workshop Design and Delivery
Working with the young people to design the 4 workshops , resources and activities. Taking into account the RSE Curriculum and current concerns and issues for that particular school and area

Our vision at CLEAR 4 Schools is to create a county approach to RSE that has Peer Education at its very core. As a county we would be leading the way regionally and nationally and will be able to say that our Young People are truly central to their Relationship and Sex Education. We would like to create a common language and a culture of positive safe relationships across their educational lives from aged 7 - 17 years. Our schools and colleges will be filled with an army of young people - peer educators who will have the skills and knowledge that will help them to have safe,non abusive relationships, and help them to support and talk to each other about relationship and sex education.

If you would like to discuss how your school could be part of this innovative programme then please contact Cath Hanrahan on