CLEAR 4 Schools

From Prevention to Intervention

CLEAR 4 Schools is a whole school approach to non-abusive relationships - 'from prevention to intervention'. The programme promotes the connection between healthy intimate relationships and emotional health and well-being. There is a strong emphasis on violence prevention and positive mental health.

The CLEAR 4 Schools whole school programme introduces young people to the skills, knowledge, and attitudes that form the basis of and promote healthy, safe, respectful relationships. The CLEAR 4 Schools Programme offers Targeted workshops across Primary, Secondary and Further Education in both mainstream alternative providers. We also offer bespoke workshops for schools that may have a particular concern or issue. The Cross-Phase Peer Education Programme offers training for pupils to deliver RSE Workshops to their peers.

"We can't afford to dismiss, play down or feel awkward about topics around mental health, sex, pornography,abuse and gender discrimination. We believethat we have aresponsibility to young people to be clearabout what is right and what is wrong. Giving C&YP and opportunity to have access to healthy and accurateinformation across all these areas is, we believe, the key to reducing abusive relationships infuture generations" - The CLEAR 4 Schools Team

Registered Charity Number 1165574